Personal data and privacy

Privacy policies and personal data

We value your privacy and have therefore compiled this information about how we collect and personal data at BEVI. Depending on who you are, we may treat your information a bit differently. For questions about our processing of your personal information, please contact your personal data officer at

Customers and potential customers

This policy concerns you as a contact person at a customer or potential customer company to BEVI.

Privacy policy for customers

Job applicants

During the process of your seeking employment with BEVI we  collect certain personal data about you. This privacy policy is intended to inform you, as a job applicant, how BEVI processes your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable personal data legislation.

Privacy policy for job applicants


This privacy policy is intended to provide you, as a contact person for a supplier, with information regarding how BEVI handles your personal data.

Privacy policy for suppliers

Website and cookies

BEVI use cookies on our website and thereby collect certain personal data regarding the persons who use our website. This information policy explains, among other things, which cookies we use, what they are used for, and which choices you can make with respect to our cookies.

Privacy policy for users of the website/cookies