BEVI gives, for all new products, a 12 months guarantee from the date of commissioning, but not exceeding 18 months from the date of delivery. For repaired and exchanged products we give 6 months guarantee from the date of delivery.

Our guarantee covers the free of charge repair or replacement of such parts or units that, as a result of normal use during the guarantee period, have become unusable due to defects in the manufacturing process or defects in the material. However, we require that the complete unit is returned to our workshop in Blomstermåla (terms of delivery DAP BEVI Blomstermåla), before the end of the guarantee period.

After repair or exchange under guarantee, BEVI will return the repaired or exchanged product by normal means of transport (DAP customer workshop, within Sweden).

Products that have been used for other purposes, under other conditions or at rates or values other than those specified and calculated, are not covered by our guarantee.

We do not take responsibility for consequential damages such as production stop, loss of production, damage to persons or property etc. Costs resulting from the exchange will not be covered.

Our guarantee is only valid if payment has been made in accordance with our terms of payment.

On request BEVI can also perform field services, but these would be charged in accordance with our standard terms of sale and payment. BEVI can offer complete service contracts for field service upon request.