Meeting with Addtech’s CEO and Mönsterås muncipality in Blomstermåla

Yesterday BEVI in Blomstermåla was visited by John Sjö, CEO of the parent company Addtech. Since 2010 BEVI is part of the Addtech group. In total, the group consists of 120 independent subsidiaries, which together have 2,000 employees.

This day Johan Sjö had BEVI on his agenda. In addition to a factory tour and meeting with the management team Johan held a presentation to all employees in Blomstermåla. He spoke of Addtech’s strategy, results and how we within Addtech create synergies between sister companies in the group – how we use each other’s experience and collective expertise to provide even better service for our customers.

BEVIs head office is located in Blomstermåla, Mönsterås. Roland Åkesson and Thomas Svensson from Mönsterås municipality were also invited to meet with Johan Sjö.

Mönsterås municipality has the region’s best business climate and compared with Sweden as a whole, Mönsterås in the top layer in place 36. Roland and Thomas play important roles in creating this business climate. They even take an active part in some of BEVI’s customer visits, most recently with a customer in Trellborg who developed a new, energy-efficient windmill which they’d like to introduce in Mönsterås.

This day was an opportunity to further strengthen relations between Addtech, BEVI and Mönsterås municipality. Thank you to everyone involved.

Representatives from BEVI, Addtech and Mönsterås muncipality

In the picture: Carl Sigfridsson, Johan Sjö, Peter Augustsson, Roland Åkesson, Henric Eriksson, Thomas Svensson and Åke Nyström.

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