Meeting with Addtech’s CEO and Mönsterås muncipality in Blomstermåla

Yesterday BEVI in Blomstermåla was visited by John Sjö, CEO of the parent company Addtech. Since 2010 BEVI is part of the Addtech group. In total, the group consists of 120 independent subsidiaries, which together have 2,000 employees. This day Johan Sjö had BEVI on his agenda. In addition to a factory tour and meeting with the management team Johan held a presentation to all employees in Blomstermåla. He spoke…

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BEVI is growing and welcomes two new sales persons

To strengthen the sales department, we welcome Mite Danielsson and Povel Varga to BEVI. They started their employment on March 1 and is now undergoing training. Mite will be working with Inside Sales at BEVI’s main office in Blomstermåla, Sweden. She has a background in Mechanical Engineering, and is also a trained electrician. Previously Mite worked as a seaman on various ships, as a hotel receptionist in Norway and most…

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New company presentation

New company presentation Our new BEVI presentation is now available for download. To view the presentation in browsable version please click here. You can order a printed version at +46 499-271 00 or email


Bevi launches new helicalgear generation WG20 in aluminum.

New efficiency standard for electrical motors (ECO directive)

New efficiency standard for electrical motors(ECO directive) A new standard introduced 2008 (EN 60034-30:2008) for classification of three phase asynchronous motors by IEC (International Electro technical Commission). This is during 2014 supplemented with a new standard (EN 60034-30-1:2014). According to the above new standards, the new classes have the designations IE1, IE2, IE3 where the IE3 have the highest efficiency. IE1: Motors with efficiency close to the old class EFF2,…

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New Motor Brochures

New Motor Brochures available for download. Electric Motors 4A2/3D2 IE2 Electric Motors 3D3/4A3 IE3 Electric Motors 2SIE IE2 Electric Motors 3SIE IE3