Bevi launches new helicalgear generation WG20 in aluminum.

New efficiency standard for electrical motors (ECO directive)

New efficiency standard for electrical motors(ECO directive) A new standard introduced 2008 (EN 60034-30:2008) for classification of three phase asynchronous motors by IEC (International Electro technical Commission). This is during 2014 supplemented with a new standard (EN 60034-30-1:2014). According to the above new standards, the new classes have the designations IE1, IE2, IE3 where the IE3 have the highest efficiency. IE1: Motors with efficiency close to the old class EFF2,…

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New Motor Brochures

New Motor Brochures available for download. Electric Motors 4A2/3D2 IE2 Electric Motors 3D3/4A3 IE3 Electric Motors 2SIE IE2 Electric Motors 3SIE IE3