Three BEVI companies become one

BEVI’s operations in Blomstermåla, Sweden has previously comprised of three separate companies.

To achieve higher synergy and collaboration, and ultimately serve our customers even better, these three companies are merged into one.

The parent company BEVI International AB ( 556195-8314) has absorbed the companies BEVI AB and BEVI Teknik & Service AB. Moving forward the company will act under the name BEVI AB.

Carl Sigfridsson remains the CEO or the company. Peter Augustsson is the Sales and Marketing Manager and Åke Nyström is the Engineering Manager in this new company structure. Other members of the management team is Financial Manager, Lars-Olof Johansson and Production Manager, Henric Eriksson.

Del av BEVIs ledningsgrupp

Carl Sigfridsson, Peter Augustsson and Åke Nyström


BEVIs huvudkontor i Blomstermåla

BEVI’s head office in Blomstermåla, Sweden.