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Tubes, rods and profiles

 Production of glass epoxy tubes tubes covers a wide range of applications. Wound composite materials can be machined to meet every requirement and the application possibilities are virtually unlimited.  

The three product categories differ in the type of material - paper bakelite, weave bakelite and glass weave epoxy. The glass epoxy tubes are supplied with an internal diameter from 3 mm and an external diameter up to 1270 mm, wall thickness according to specification and lengths up to 1650 mm. Standard versions are supplied with the glass epoxy tubes sanded and unvarnished.

Machined components

Customer-specific machining provides unlimited possibilities.  Machined components constitute a large part of our glass epoxy tubes sales. In close collaboration with our customers we develop components that are subsequently manufactured. The tubes are used for ball bearing cages, guide rings and a wide range of other mechanical products. The tubes have good insulation properties, are flexible, exhibit high strength and good thermal and chemical resistance. In addition, they can be supplied in virtually any design possible.

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