Sawmills and wood processing

Sawmills and timber industries place great demands on equipment used. After long experience, we know what is required in the various applications of the industry.

BEVI offers both service of existing equipment as well as new sales to both sawmills and producers of equipment such as wood dryers and sawmills.

For example, an uneven and bumpy load in graders and planer feeders demands a robust solution for electric motors, transmissions and other drive equipment.

In wood dryers, the main challenge is the very high ambient temperature and high humidity. After long time cooperation with sawmills in the Swedish region's of Småland and Norrland, we have developed a specially adapted wood dryer motor with high efficiency. The motor is designed and produced to meet the tough demands placed on these applications with very high ambient temperatures and high humidity as well as strong radial and axial forces on the motor shaft.

”After six years with BEVI as supplier, and over 500 wood drying motors installed we see an increased availability in our production units and our costs for maintenance and spare parts has gone down.”
SCA Timber, Sverige