Recycling of electric motors

Most often, it is an advantage to renovate large electric motors. Otherwise, the material in motors can be recycled to a very high extent. Material recycling saves both natural resources and energy and is more environmentally friendly.

recycling-symbol-300x281.gifUsed electric motors must be discarded in accordance with applicable national regulations. All components must be recycled as far as possible. Electric motors mainly consist of the following materials:

Cast iron and steel

  • Shaft
  • Stator and rotor
  • House
  • Flanges and bearings


  • Part of rotor
  • House and flanges


  • Windings


  • Insulation
  • Fan

The above materials must be separated and sorted as far as possible for recycling.

Contact BEVI for further advice on the disposal of electric motors. We accept electric motors for recycling at no cost.


Jörgen Danielsson

Jörgen Danielsson, Product manager electric motors
Direct: +46 499-271 26