BEVI-Nord AB is merged with the parent company BEVI AB

BEVI-Nord AB is merged into the parent company BEVI AB. The merger will bring synergy effects between various functions and systems within the BEVI. This way, we become more efficient and can give our customers even better service.

In the Swedish market BEVI has long had two companies, the parent company BEVI AB  which helps customers in southern  Sweden and  BEVI-Nord AB which helps customers in  northern Sweden.  As BEVI-Nord AB now is merged into BEVI AB, we will have only one company to manage in Sweden. This will simplify and provide synergy effects between different functions and systems within BEVI and make sure that we will be able to work more efficiently. This means that we can give our customers even better service.

The merger came into force on January 2, 2019. Existing agreements and quotations automatically follow into BEVI AB in the merger and all invoicing will now be made by BEVI AB (org. No. 556195-8314). This entails new bank details that will be shown on the invoices.

Contact details for our customer support in Blomstermåla and Umeå are unchanged. You can find these on our contact page.

Mikael Isberg, former CEO for BEVI-Nord AB, becomes Regional Manager for northern Sweden at the office in Umeå. 

Contact information for questions

For any questions regarding the merger, please contact Regional Manager, Mikael Isberg:
Direct: +46 90 70 44 34
Mobile: +46 70 621 08 44