Welcome to ICEM 2020 - an international conference on electrical machines

Welcome to ICEM 2020, an international conference on electrical machines. The conference takes place as a digital event during August 23-26.

The ICEM conference is an important forum focusing on electrical machines and is organized by Chalmers University of Technology, IEEE Industry Application Society (IEEE-IAS) and IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IEEE-IES).

Concerns about climate change, development towards renewable energy and electrification in the transport industry have increased research and development activities on electric machines over the past 5-10 years. The presentations of the latest research results will inspire about 500-700 participants from around the world. Active researchers from the university, engineers and experts from the industry will be able to exchange knowledge and form new collaborations during the event.

BEVI is a gold sponsor and participates in the event.

The conference was originally supposed to take place in Gothenburg but will, as a result of Covid-19, take place as a digital meeting.

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