New Purchasing manager at BEVI's head office

Pontus Adolfsson is the new Purchasing manager at BEVI.

BEVI appoints a new position as Purchasing manager at the headquarters in Blomstermåla. Pontus Adolfsson is internally recruited for the position.

Together with Purchasers Lennart Nilsson and Mattias Svensson, we now have a strong team whose focus will be to maintain and ensure future competitiveness.

Pontus began his employment as a Technical salesman at BEVI on March 1, 1997. He thus has long experience from BEVI's product areas. Most recently, Pontus held a position as Team leader for our Customer support and Product manager for Ex-motors.

He keeps the role as Product manager for Ex-motors, in parallel with his new position. The role as Team leader for our Customer support is passed on to Patrik Ekelund.

Pontus Adolfsson, Purchasing manager