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Control and test equipment

BEVI's control and test equipment for hydropower and industry use can be built up of everything from various operator panels, image building and trend display programs with control and alarm via web, GSM, 3G, GPRS or ADSL.

Advanced control equipment for hydropower

BEVI's reliable control equipment for fully automated operation of hydropower stations is designed according to our customers' wishes.

They can be built-up of everything from various operator panels, image build and trend viewers with control, control and alarm via web, GSM, 3G, GPRS or ADSL, to include advanced and precise level control for ponds. We also supply with low or high voltage switchgear. The function is to control and control the hydropower plant automatically every day of the year and get an optimal operation. With BEVI's control equipment, it is easy to start, stop and get an overview of the operation and any downtime in its power plant.

The control cabinet is built to be in operation for many years with components that are conventional of high quality and are available as spare parts or can be replaced with an equivalent device even in 20 years.

Guards and controls are included in the monitoring system so that downtime periods are as few and short as possible. Alarm texts on the operator panel tells the reason behind the shutdown.

Test equipment for industry

BEVI also develops and constructs complete test equipment for various industry applications. These solutions are completely customer-unique and are developed in close cooperation with the customer.

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BEVI Knowledge bank

BEVI's Knowledge bank collects information about our areas of expertise, electric drive systems and power generation.


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