Coil winding material

Coil winding material includes wire, insulation and much more for the production or repair of electric motors, transformers and generators. BEVI is the distributor/agent for some of the leading manufacturers in Europe and the world, such as Dahréntråd, Elektrisola and Thermik. If we don’t have the required materials in stock, we’ll find them through our wide network of manufacturers.

Winding wire
We stock the complete range of winding wire from Dahrentråd and Elektrisola. Round wire in dimensions 0.01 to 5.0 mm. Rectangular wire in copper or aluminium.

Litz wire
Can be produced with 2 to 23000 strands (depending on the cross section) with strand dimensions ranging from 0.018 to 0.50 mm.

Thermal protection
We supply (NC and NO) thermal switches and PTC thermistors from Thermik, with a temperature range of 60-250°C.

Insulating materials
Our wide standard range for electrical, thermal and mechanical insulation can be specially manufactured to customer requirements.

Insulation sleeving and silicone profiles
Suitable for electrical, thermal and mechanical protection, diameters from 0.50 to 50.00 mm and a temperature range from -30°C to +300°C.

For electric motors, lighting, etc. Operating capacitors from 1 to 100 μFand starting capacitors from 25 to 400 μF.