Graphic guidelines and logotype

BEVI graphic guidelinesOur Graphic guidelines is a manual and a tool for all employees within BEVI to give a uniform visual representation of our brand.

It is also a tool for distributors, printers and advertising agencies and other external partners. Guidelines and templates in the manual should simplify the work and be used for all material produced by and for BEVI.

icon-pdf.png BEVI's graphic guidelines

Logotype for download

Here you may download the BEVI logotype in different formats for different purposes: 

Logotype for print (CMYK colour mode, EPS format)

Logotype for web (RGB colour mode, PNG format)

Clear space around the logotype

Clear space around the BEVI logotype

The logo should always be surrounded by a clear space. The size of the clear space should be at least as the lower part of the letter B around the entire logo. The clear zone is the minimum distance to another graphic, text or image. Within the clear zone, no other objects may be placed such as text or other graphic elements. The same minimum distance applies to the outer edge of the material where the logo is placed.

The purpose of the clear zone is to make the logo clear and that text, addresses, decorative elements or images should not be perceived as part of the logo. The free zone is a minimum. Read more about potential exceptions in our Graphic guidelines.

Contact information for questions

For any questions on how to use BEVI's logotype or graphic guidelines, please contact our Communiation Manager. 

Contact information to BEVI's Communication Manager