Specialists in energy efficient drive systems and power generation

BEVI is one of the Nordic region's largest companies in the field of electric drive systems and power generation. We offer a comprehensive range of electric motors, transmission devices, power electronics, coil winding material, starter equipment and perform services of electrical machines.


BEVI – Your green supplier

Our concept BEVI – your green supplier contains products and services that all serve to generate higher energy efficiency and at the same time contribute to increased cost efficiency, both as a single product or in a complete solution.

We have the products and the knowledge to provide our customers with sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for a better world!

From standard to special

Finding the best solution for your particular needs gives us energy and drive. A wide range of products, service, production services and expert knowledge create the best conditions for creating the most efficient, most energy-saving or most cost-effective solution. All depending on what is most important to each individual customer. It should be quick and easy to do business with BEVI!

We are motivated by the challenge of working with drive systems as a whole, and together finding the best solution for you. Our flexible way of working means that we can easily adapt to various customer needs, from standard to special. That you as a customer should be completely satisfied is a matter of course for us, a goal we work towards every day. 

Welcome and tell us about your needs and challenges and we will help with the best solution for you.


BEVI’s customers are in many industries

BEVI’s customers are in many industries worldwide. Large and small companies turn to us for our expertise in electric drive systems and power generation, even for the most demanding applications and environments.


Product groups

Quality and sustainability

We drive development towards a more sustainable world and help our customers develop innovative, energy-efficient solutions to achieve a smaller footprint. The work with questions relating to environment, ethics and quality form an integral part of our strategic and operational activities. Through continuous improvements, we work to meet the market's demands for reliability, delivery security and quality. We continuously develop our business with products and solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations. We strive to provide more environmentally friendly products and services to prevent pollution by, among other things, limiting the use of chemicals, saving resources and working with transport optimization. In this way, we create a more sustainable development for current and future generations.

Sustainable business

By offering technology solutions that contribute to our customers' transition and development, we want to create sustainable business.

Sustainable organization

Through an equal and climate-smart operation, we want to create an attractive and sustainable organization.

Sustainable supply chain

Through structured supplier follow-ups, we want to promote good working conditions and responsible production for a sustainable supply chain.

Contact us for the best standard or special solution for your specific needs.

BEVI Knowledge bank

BEVI's Knowledge bank collects information about our areas of expertise, electric drive systems and power generation.


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