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Wind power

BEVI is a frequently contacted partner for energy companies and owners, as well as manufacturers of wind turbines for service, components and consultation.

In a few years, wind power has gone from being a marginal source of energy to becoming a significant share of electricity production in the world's energy system. In Sweden, for example, wind power accounts for 10-11 percent of the total power generation.

Production of wind power is variable and changes from day to day. Wind power produces most during the winter and at least during the summer. This is something to consider when planning service of wind turbines.

Renewable energy goals

The EU has set common goals for renewable energy: By year 2020, 20 percent of the energy consumption within the EU shall come from renewable sources. In 2030, the share shall be 32%. In addition, the EU shall reach a target of 20 percent energy efficiency by 2020.

The UN's global goals for sustainable development state that by 2030 we shall substantially increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix, and double the global rate of improvement in terms of energy efficiency.

BEVI is a knowledgeable partner on this journey towards a more sustainable world.


BEVI Knowledge bank

BEVI's Knowledge bank collects information about our areas of expertise, electric drive systems and power generation.


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