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BEVI is working for a sustainable future

Work with matters like the sustainability, ethics and quality is an integral part of our strategic and operational activities.

Like all companies within Addtech, we aim to run a sustainable business. Through continuous improvements, we work to meet the market’s demands for reliability, delivery reliability and quality. 

We strive to provide more environmentally friendly products and services to prevent pollution by, among other things, limiting the use of chemicals, economizing on resources and working with transport optimization. In this way, we create a more sustainable development for present and future generations.

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BEVI AB works, among other things, with equipment and services for sustainable energy production such as hydropower and wind power.

Sustainability vision 2030

BEVI focuses primarily on five of the UN's global goals:

This means that we have, among other things, the following ambition for 2030:

  • Reduce CO2 intensity by 50%
  • 40% women in leading positions

Sustainability report

Each year, the results of the group’s sustainability work is published. Some of the reported topics are the group's use of energy, carbon footprint, employee turnover and employee health and safety.

Addtech's sustainability report

Code of conduct

With the group’s code of conduct as a base, we also have a sustainability thinking in terms of working conditions, the environment and ethics. This creates added value for our customers, suppliers, employees and the society we operate in. We also work with our business partners to achieve positive changes and encourage them to follow our code of conduct.

Addtech's code of conduct

ISO certification

BEVI AB in Sweden holds a quality and environmental management system which is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The system has been reviewed by Intertek Certification AB and comprises development, manufacturing, service and sales of electrical machines with peripheral equipment.

ISO 9001/14001 certifikate - BEVI AB (en) 342.98 KB

BEVI AB in Sweden is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

BEVI Knowledge bank

BEVI's Knowledge bank collects information about our areas of expertise, electric drive systems and power generation.


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