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Technical specification
Rated current (A) normal duty 4,3
Max input voltage (VAC) 1x200-240
IP class 66
Applicable motor output (kW), normal duty 0,75
Voltage out (V) 3x0-200/240
Frequency range (Hz) 0-500
Product series ODE-3+
Input rating
Frequency accuracy (input) 48-63
Input current (A) 7,5
Output rating
Frequency modulation PWM (sinuskodad pulsbreddsmodulering), kopplingsfrekvens 4-32 kHz
Frequency output accuracy Digital referens: ±0,01 %, Analog referens: ±0,1 %
Overload capacity 150 % av märkströmmen under 1 minut. (175 % i 2 sek.)
Acceleration / Deceleration time 0,0~600 sek. (separat inställbara)
Control method Justerbar V/F-kontroll med energisparfunktion.
Speed control range V/F-kontroll 1:10
Standard functions
Control signal OP panel Inställning med pilar upp/ned.
Control signal external signal 0- +10 VDC, 0-20 mA och 4-20 mA, potentiometer 1-10 kΩ/0,5 W, RS485-seriekommunikation
Start signal OP panel Sätts med RUN/STOP-knapparna
Start signal external signal FWD/STOP, REV/STOP (RUN/STOP, FWD/REV), 3-ledarstyrning, RS485-seriekommunikation
Multi-function digital input 4 st programmerbara multifunktionskontakter, 4 fasta hastigheter, 3-ledarstyrning, JOG, öka/minska-kommando, val alternativ accelerations-/retardationstid, PID etc. (Kan ställas om till analog ingång.)
Multi-function digital output Summalarm, driftsignal, utfrekvens över/under limit, utfrekvens uppnådd, motorström över/under limit
Analog output signal 0-10 VDC, indikering av utfrekvens alternativt motorström
Other functions Hastighetsökning, DC-bromsning, felhistorik 4 sista felen, ställbar kopplingsfrekvens. Driften fortsätter vid momentant nätspänningsbortfall. Kodlås, ställbar frekvensgräns, PID-kontroll/sleep-funktion, frekvenshopp, energisparfunktion, NPN/PNP-omkopplare etc.
Protective functions Kortslutning, jordfel, överspänning, underspänning, överlast,motorskydd, nätspänningsbortfall, överhettning, externt fel
EMC filter Integrated EMC-filter
Manufacturer Invertek
Installation Höjd: Max. 2000 m ö.h. (Vid > 1000 m ö.h. reducera märkdata med 1 %/100 m.)
Ambient temperature -10°C - +50°C (icke kondenserande)
Storage temperature -20°C - +60°C
Ambient humidity Max. 95 %RH (icke kondenserande).
Vibration 9,8 m/s² (1G) 10-20 Hz, 5,9 m/s² (0,6 G) vid 20-55 Hz
Dimensions and weight
Width × height × depth (mm) 161x232x162
Frame model (size) 1
Net weight (kg) 3,1

Compact, reliable and easy to use frequency inverter

ODE-3+ is a series of frequency inverters which are compact, reliable, and easy to use. Simply power on and the inverter is up and running, providing precise motor control and energy savings using the factory settings.

ODE-3+ offers sensorless vector control for all motor types including induction motors (IM), permanent magnet motors (PM), brushless DC motors (BLDC), synchronous reluctance motors (SynRM) and line start PM motors (LSPM).

The IP66 version is an outdoor rated enclosed drive for direct machine mounting, dust tight and ready for washdown duty. It has coated heatsink as standard, ideal for hygiene based operations requiring washdown — such as food and beverage.

The ODE-3+ series is available in variants with or without main switch. A main switch allows users to easily turn off the power during daily maintenance. Thus, no extra switch is needed. If a higher safety standard is required, select the version with main switch.

Easy commissioning

ODE-3+ has 14 parameter basic setup and default settings suitable for most applications. Contactor style connection for simple wiring. Up to 50 parameters are available in total for a highly flexible performance.

Integrated EMC filter (category C1)

An integrated filter in every ODE-3+ saves cost and time for installation. The Cat C1 filter is according to EN61800-3:2004.

Application macros

Switch between industrial, pump & fan modes to optimize ODE-3+ for your application.

Manufacturer Invertek Drives

Wiring diagram ODE-3+ frequency inverter

The wiring diagram will be added within short.


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