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Technical specification
Rated current (A) normal duty 4
Rated current (A) light duty 6,0
Input voltage (VAC) 3x380-480
Max input voltage (VAC) 3x340-500
IP class 21
Rated output capacity (kVA) 7,2
Applicable motor output (kW), normal duty 1,5
Applicable motor output (kW), light duty 2,2
Voltage out (V) 3x0-340/500
Frequency range (Hz) 0-599 Hz
Input rating
Operating voltage range 3-fas 323-528 VAC
Frequency accuracy (input) 47-63 Hz
Input current (A) 8,7
Output rating
Frequency modulation PWM-modulering, kopplingsfrekvens 1-15 kHz (storleksberoende)
Frequency output accuracy Digital referens: ±0,01 %, Analog referens: ±0,1 %
Overload capacity 150 % av märkström under 1 minut.
Acceleration / Deceleration time 0,0~6000 sek.
Speed control range PMSVC 1:20, IMVF/IMSVC/PM 1:50, IM/PM FOC 1:100, IM/PM FOC+PG 1:1000
Torque function IM/SynRM TQC sensorless, IM/PM TQCPG
V/F curve V/F-kontroll med valfri V/Hz-inställning.
Current limit 195 % av in. Absolutskydd 250 %.
Standard functions
Control signal OP panel Inställning med pilar upp/ned.
Control signal external signal -10~ +10 VDC, 0~ +10 VDC (impedans 20 kΩ), 4-20 mA (impedans 250 Ω), pulståg 100 kHz, JOG, potentiometer -5 kΩ/0,5 W, RS485-seriekommunikation (MODBUS, CANopen), 16 fasta hastigheter, positionering (15-positioner), UPP/NED-kommando, pulståg (PG-optionkort)
Start signal OP panel Sätts med RUN/STOP-knapparna
Start signal external signal FWD/STOP, REV/STOP (RUN/STOP, FWD/REV), 3-ledarstyrning, RS485-seriekommunikation (MODBUS, CANopen)
Multi-function digital input M1-M8 är programmerbara multifunktionskontakter, 16 fasta hastigheter, JOG, öka/minska-kommando, val alternativ accelerations-/retardationstid, timer, PID, klockfunktion, extern
Multi-function digital output Driftsignal, inställd frekvens uppnådd, 0-varvsindikering,
Analog output signal 0-10 VDC/4-20 mA. Indikering av referens/utfrekvens/ström/spänning/moment/effekt etc.
Protective functions Kortslutning, jordfel, överspänning (MOV), underspänning, överlast, motorskydd, momentant nätspänningsbortfall, överhettning, momentgräns, externt fel, självtest, överhettningsskydd: PTC, KTY84-130, PT-100
Braking chopper Integrerad bromsmodul
DC choke Option
EMC filter Integrerat EMC-filter
Cooling Inbyggd forcerad kylning
Manufacturer Delta Electronics
Installation Höjd: max. 1000 m ö.h. Ej korrosiva gaser. Undvik damm och fukt.
Ambient temperature -10°C - +50°C (icke kondenserande)
Storage temperature -20°C - +60°C
Ambient humidity Max. 90 %RH (icke kondenserande)
Vibration 1,0 mm peak-to-peak 2-13,2 Hz: 1,0 G 55-512 Hz, enligt IEC60068-2-6
Dimensions and weight
Width × height × depth (mm) 130x250x170
Net weight (kg) 2,6

Best performance and stability for a variety of heavy duty and constant torque applications

The C2000 Plus series features precise speed, torque and position control functions that are suitable for both sensor and sensorless types of synchronous and asynchronous motors.

With higher overload capacity, the power range of C2000 Plus series 460 V models reach up to 560 kW, providing the best performance and stability for a variety of heavy duty and constant torque applications, such as production, processing, food industry, chemical industry, metal processing, rubber and plastics, municipal & infrastructure and other industries.

Built-in PLC functions

For advanced manufacturing, the C2000 Plus Series is equipped with built-in PLC functions and support various protocols for the ultimate in system flexibility and fast data exchange.

Manufacturer Delta Electronics

Wiring diagram C2000 Plus frequency inverter

The wiring diagram will be added within short.


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