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IP class 66
Manufacturer Delta Electronics
Dimensions and weight
Width × height × depth (mm) 145x154,5x145,2
Frame model (size) A


Frequency inverter MS300 2A8MS21MFSAA

MS300 1 phase 230 V IP66 0,37 kW 2,8 A

Frequency inverter MS300 4A8MS21MFSAA

MS300 1 phase 230 V IP66 0,75 kW 4,8 A

Frequency inverter MS300 1A5MS43MFSAA

MS300 3 phase 400 V IP66 0,37 kW 1,5 A

Frequency inverter MS300 2A7MS43MFSAA

MS300 3 phase 400 V IP66 0,75 kW 2,7 A

Frequency inverter MS300 4A2MS43MFSAA

MS300 3 phase 400 V IP66 1,5 kW 4,2 A

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