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Generator service

We carry out advanced servicing and overhaul generators in the field, at our customers’ power stations or at our well equipped service workshop.

We overhaul, repair or exchange different types of windings, rolling elements or sleeve bearings, cores or coolers, and more. Alternatively, we can modify generators, for example, from a horizontal to a vertical arrangement.

Diagnostics and inspection

Winding diagnostics are carried out with high sensitivity insulation meters, tan δ- or PD (partial discharge) equipment. Cores are checked by, for example, establishing values from Epstein tests and thermal photography.

Brushless excitation

Conversion of older synchronous generator to brushless construction is another BEVI specialty. The environment within the power station is hereby improved, especially for the generator windings by the reduction in carbon dust to give an extended life.

Max size and weight

At BEVI's well-equipped service workshop in Blomstermåla we can handle electric machines of up to 20 metric tons. The size of the doorway to the workshop is another factor to take into account, to see if we can receive your equipment for service. The inner measurements of our the doorway to our workshop is: 

  • Height: 4993 mm 
  • Width: 4236 mm

BEVI Knowledge bank

BEVI's Knowledge bank collects information about our areas of expertise, electric drive systems and power generation.


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