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Service of electric motors

We carry out all kinds of rewinding and repairs of electric motors up to 20 metric tons in our well-equipped service workshop.

BEVI’s long and broad experience forms the basis of our longterm cooperation with our service customers.

Max size and weight

At BEVI's well-equipped service workshop in Blomstermåla we can handle electric machines of up to 20 metric tons.

The size of the doorway to the workshop is another factor to take into account, to see if we can receive your equipment for service. The inner measurements of the doorway to our workshop is: 

  • Height: 4993 mm 
  • Width: 4236 mm

Hight voltage motors

Repairing a high voltage mo tor is a demanding task that requires experience and technical equipment. BEVI performs full or partial winding of high voltage motors.

Manufacture of high voltage couil is done either in our own workshop or in cooperation with highly qualified international manufacturers. Diagnostics of high voltage machines are made on windings using, for example, polarization index, tan delta and PD measurements. Mechanical diagnostics include, among other things, by bearing condition analysis and FFT analysis of the machine's vibration spectra in different directions.

Traction motors

We also perform service, renovation and rewindings of traction motors at our workshop.

With new diagnostic and maintenance methods, we can optimize preventive maintenance for different types of traction motors.

BEVI Knowledge bank

BEVI's Knowledge bank collects information about our areas of expertise, electric drive systems and power generation.


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