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Transformer service

BEVI perform services both on large power transformers and smaller distribution transformers.

Transformer service range from rewinding low and high voltage windings to different types of redesign.

Winding switches are also overhauled. Some special transformers, for example with water-cooled windings, are manufactured from new.

Max size and weight

A BEVI's well-equipped service workshop in Blomstermåla we can handle electric machines of up to 20 metric tons. The size of the doorway to the workshop is another factor to take into account, to see if we can receive your equipment for service. The inner measurements of our the doorway to our workshop is: 

  • Height: 4993 mm 
  • Width: 4236 mm

BEVI Knowledge bank

BEVI's Knowledge bank collects information about our areas of expertise, electric drive systems and power generation.


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