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Built-in motors

Reliable and high-performance built-in motors that will exceed your expectations! With our own production facility in Sweden, we offer everything from prototypes to large-scale production in multiple voltages. Regardless of voltage and size, we are ready to deliver the perfect solution. We provide expertise in calculations, punching and winding in our workshop.

Custom-made built-in motors

A built-in motor is designed to be seamlessly integrated into a larger unit or machine and may therefore need to be custom made for a specific application. Built-in motors have many advantages. They are easy to install and maintain, saving time and facilitating smooth operations. In addition, they reduce space requirements and improve efficiency in the systems and machines in which they are used. They can also provide a more uniform and efficient power supply to the system, improving performance and reliability.

Find the right built-in motor to suit your needs!

High-quality, Swedish-made built-in motors based on your business needs. Contact our sales department and we will work with you to find the most cost-effective solution!

Kvinna lindar en elmotor för hand i en verkstad.

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