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Dry kiln motors

Electric motors specially adapted for applications such as dry kilns, areas within the pulp industry and food production. The motors are designed and produced to meet the tough demands in application with very high ambient temperatures and high humidity, as well as strong radial and axial forces on the motor shaft.

Electric motors for tough applications

The motors have proven to withstand the tough environment in wood drying, much due to the fact that they are specially adapted to our customers' needs.

  • The winding is specially adapted for high ambient temperatures.
  • The ball bearings are dimensioned for heavy duty, high humidity and ambient temperatures.
  • Screws, name plate, grease nipples and cable glands are made of stainless steel.
  • Cost-effective with high efficiency and long service life.


The stator housing and bearing shields are made of strong cast iron, for excellent durability and best bearing seat. The terminal box is mounted towards the drive end as standard. It can be mounted towards the non-drive end if desired.

All external screws, name plates, grease nipples and cable glands are made of stainless steel.

The non-drive end is fully enclosed without shaft, fan or fan cover. The ball bearings are dimensioned for heavy duty, high ambient temperatures and high humidity.

As standard the DT motors are dimensioned for frequency drive operation.


Motors from size 160 have nipples for lubrication of ball bearings and grease drainage as standard. All motors are delivered with high temperature grease.

Enclosure (degree of protection) 

The motors are as standard IP55. This can be adjusted to IP44 by removing the two condensate plugs located underneath the stator body.

Temperature monitoring 

The motors have built-in thermistors for monitoring or alarm and effective protection from overheating. A special cable gland is available for this. The motors can be modified with thermal contacts if desired.


The motors are designed to be cooled by the air flow from the drying fan and are thus without their own cooling fan. For particularly large hubs on the drying fan, the motors can be ordered with its own cooling fan.

Insulation class and rated power  

All motors are equipped with the higher insulation class H (maximum working temperature 180°C) on the winding material. But they are calculated/dimensioned for class B, which gives a large overload margin and long service life.

Frame size

The motors have IEC dimensions on the shaft and foot attachment. The kW may deviate from IEC standards due to special windings and higher ambient temperatures than normal.


The motors are normally in B3 design but can be modified to B5 or B3/B5 design.

They can be equipped with anti-condensation heaters and without a terminal box, with directly mounted cable, if required. 

Many other modifications, such as an extended special shaft, are also available on request.

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