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Two-speed motors

Two-speed motors are three-phase electric motors that can operate at two different speeds. The motors have two or more pole pairs and can be configured to run at higher speeds with fewer pole pairs or lower speeds with more pole pairs. This makes them suitable for applications that require different speeds, such as ventilation systems, conveyor belts and pumps. We offer two-speed motors with constant torque and fan operation in various sizes and designs to suit a wide range of applications and requirements.

Custom-made two-speed motors

Our motors can be modified, adapted and equipped with various options and accessories to suit all environments, entirely tailored to your requirements and demands.

Our three-phase two-speed motors:

  • Various pole-pair configurations
  • Constant torque
  • Fan motors for certain applications
  • Easily adaptable
  • Energy efficient for reduced energy costs
  • High reliability to minimize downtime

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