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Vibration motors

We are experts in manufacturing vibration motors for various applications. Our range includes motors with outputs from 0.25 to 2.2 kW, available in various speeds and voltages. For added safety, we can also offer explosion-proof vibration motors with foot mounting. Many of our vibration motors are used in industrial applications where vibrations are used to shake, sort or convey materials. The principle of vibration motors involves passing an electric current through a solenoid, creating a magnetic force that drives a weight, causing it to rotate.

Vibration motors for industrial applications

Optimise your industrial process with our vibration motors. We offer customised solutions based on your unique needs and guarantee reliable performance over time.

Find the right vibration motor to suit your needs!

We deliver customised solutions based on your needs. We ensure that the vibration motor has sufficient power for the specific application, the right speed to achieve the desired effect, and the voltage that matches your system’s power supply.


0,25 to 2,2 kW

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