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With extensive stocks in Sweden and close working relationships with some of Europe’s leading manufacturers of transmissions, we can ensure our top quality is easily available for our customers. Our comprehensive product portfolio, backed by years of experience and solid expertise enables us to tailor drive systems to your needs. We supply gears in aluminium, cast iron or stainless steel with foot mountings or torque arm or flange attachment. The gears are available with different drive shafts, such as hollow axles, shaft pins or clamping elements. We also supply gears in ATEX design for explosive atmospheres.

Our range includes

  • FRS, FRT and BSV worm gear models.
  • FRA and FTA helical worm gear models.
  • FRS/FRS, FRT/FRT and BSV/BSV double helical gear models.
  • MAS and WG20 gear unit models.
  • FV series stainless gear models.
  • FVR type mechanical variators.
  • Screw jacks and linear units with different unique configurations.

CAD-supported modular gear programme

We use the Weg Cat4Cad guide/product selector with CAD, and Varvel’s VARSIZE selection software with CAD, which enable us to supply customised and specially adapted gears with fast delivery. These flexible programs give you access to a variety of modules and functions, so you can design the right gears for different applications and requirements. Click on the appropriate configurator below. To log in to Varvel’s VARSIZE configurator, use:
User name: bevi
Password: bevi

Varvel’s VARSIZE configurator with CAD for worm gears and gear units

WEG configurator with CAD for gear units

Worm gears

Our comprehensive range includes FRS and FRT series worm gears and BSV (industry standard). Their flexible module system means that they require minimal maintenance, and helps us keep delivery times short. Our double helical gears are available in FRS/FRS, FRT/FRT and BSV/BSV models. The FV series is designed for demanding environments such as the food industry and marine applications, and these models withstand both salt and brackish water.

Gear units

We supply FRA and FTA series gear units, also in designs compliant with the ATEX directive. The MAS series, manufactured by WEG, features compact designs and low noise levels. The WG20 series includes gear units, shaft-mounted gears and helical bevel gears with torques in the range of 50-18000 Nm.

Screw jacks and linear units

We supply screw jacks in trapezoidal-screw and ball-screw constructions with a maximum push/pull force of up to 1000 kN and speeds of up to 150 mm/s. Screw jacks are also available in trapezoidal-screw and ball-screw constructions with a maximum push/pull force of up to 350 kN and speeds of up to 500 mm/s.

Important factors to consider when choosing gears

  • Ambient temperature.
  • Surroundings (dust, humidity, acid, frost, tropical heat, etc.).
  • Drive motor (type and properties).
  • Type of coupling between drive motor and gear (belt, friction, direct or variable speed).
  • Input and output rotation speed.
  • Mounting position.
  • Service factors

Fast deliveries and genuine focus on customers. We have one of the widest ranges on the market – contact us for a bespoke solution!

Anders Holgert 
Product manager, transmissions


BEVI offers several types of transmissions, many of which are in stock.

Long experience and collaboration with several manufacturers allow us to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market.

Types of transmissions offered by BEVI are helical bevel gearboxes, shaft mounted gearboxes, helical worm gearboxes, two stage worm gears, planetary gearboxes, variators and jacks. 

The drives are also available in ATEX design.

Short delivery times combined with flexible production allows us to produce special variants quickly.


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Credentials to login to Varsize: 

User namne: bevi
Password: bevi

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