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Coil winding material is transferred to BEVI from Carbex

Products within the area components / coil winding material are transferred to BEVI from the sister company Carbex from June 1, 2020. BEVI thus receives a wide and comprehensive product range in the area.

Carbex chooses to transfer the sale of most of the products within the area component / coil winding material to the sister company BEVI. The range includes slip rings, high voltage cables, flexible insulating material, fiberglass epoxy, fiberglass laminate, phenolic bakelite fabric/paper, temperature sensors, electrolyte capacitors, tape, adhesive tape, impregnation varnishes and castings. BEVI will also be able to offer carbon brushes and brush holders from Carbex.

Carina Lindgren and Peter Kjellstrand from Carbex become employees of BEVI AB and continue to work with these products. Together with our product manager Mikael Olofsson, we will have a strong team and deep expertise in this area.

We welcome the customers who previously purchased their components / coil winding material from Carbex. For those of you who have previously purchased products from both Carbex and BEVI, we hope it will be easier when the number of suppliers decreases.

The move gives Carbex the opportunity to focus on its core business, ie. carbon brushes and proprietary peripherals in power and signal transmission. BEVI and Carbex are sister companies within Addtech, a Swedish trading group consisting of about 130 subsidiaries. 

More information about the products can be found under the product category coil winding material on our website. During a transitional period, we have chosen to provide the product leaflets from Carbex. However, contact for orders and questions should be directed to BEVI from 1 June 2020.

Contact for more information

Carina and Peter have new e-mail addresses at BEVI. Their mobile numbers are however the same as before.

Carina Lindgren

Key account manager, Coil winding material

Direct: +46 499-271 64
Mobile: +46 76-115 72 20
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Peter Kjellstrand

Key account manager, Coil winding material

Direct: +46 499-271 63
Mobile: +46 70-725 55 50
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Mikael Olofsson

Sales - Coil winding material

Direct: +46 499 271 97
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Peter Augustsson

Sales manager

Direct: +46 499 271 91
Mobile: +46 70 696 97 64
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