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Conny Högmark new Technical manager at BEVI

Conny Högmark is the new Technical manager at BEVI in Blomstermåla, starting from March 1. He will be part of the management team for BEVI AB.

Conny is a Civil engineer, Licentiate of Engineering and Workshop technician with previous experience from electric machine designs and as a CNC operator. Initially, Conny will divide his time between BEVI and completing his doctoral dissertation on electric machine construction at The Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, during presence at BEVI.

We give Conny a warm welcome to BEVI, where he will be part of the management team for BEVI AB.

Åke Nyström, the former Technical manager, will step into the role of Senior advisor until his retirement in 2022. A date is not yet decided. BEVI welcomes the overlapping period which will  secure the transfer of projects and work tasks.

VD Mathias Nilsson välkomnar Conny Högmark som ny teknikchef på BEVI.

More about Conny

Age: Soon 50

Residence: Recently moved to Blomstermåla from Helsingborg, Sweden. 

Grew up in: Växjö, Sweden 

Work: New Technical manager at BEVI in Blomstermåla, Sweden.

How do you describe yourself?

I am a Smålander who has found his way back home from Skåne. (Regions in Sweden.)


It's my cat and I. Otherwise I'm single.

What have you done before? 

I have studied towards a Master of Science in Engineering and taken a Technology Licentiate from Lund University. I have previously worked in the manufacturing industry with cutting machining, turning, milling and more. For the last three years I have worked with joint-free floors.

What attracted you to BEVI? 

In BEVI I can contribute my knowledge of electrical machines and continue to develop. When I saw the job advertisement, there was no doubt. I applied for the job and am happy to be here today.

What do you do to relax? 

I read a fantasy book or go paragliding if the weather, wind and time are good. I also plan to take up some form of shooting again.

What do you prefer to read / listen to or watch? 

In the car I listen to music from the 80s. At home it's a mix of everything. If watching TV, it's probably a sci-fi movie or a series.

Person or personality you look up to? 

Persons who are passionate about something. They are usually very interesting to talk to.

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